FAQ Store

What is the Store?
The Store is a new platform from ICOBox, where users can buy tokens from various projects at discounts from 30% to 75%. The project itself chooses the size of the discount.
How do I register?
In the upper right corner there is a Sign Up button. When you click on it you will be taken to ICOS ID. Once you’ve registered, you can return to store.icobox.io. If you have already registered, you will automatically be redirected back.
Why doesn’t my icos.icobox.io login work?
The Store and ICOS are different platforms. In the future we plan to use ICOS ID login with all of our platforms.
What is ICOS ID?
ICOS ID is a universal authorization system. ICOBox plans to use it for all ICOs conducted by the company. It will also make it possible to undergo KYC procedure and retain the status of having passed.
What can I pay with?
Why is the discount less than on ICOS?
The Store is a separate platform, and works under different rules. For users, it means the opportunity to buy project tokens at discounts that are not available elsewhere.
What is the current exchange rate at ICOS?
We take our current rate from hitbtc.
What kind of discount will I get?
From 30% to 75%, depending on the project.
How do I buy tokens?
First you have to register; then go to https://store.icobox.io/user/wallet and make a deposit in the necessary currency.
How long does it take the funds to get there?
6 confirmations for BTC; 12 for Ethereum.
Can I send the funds and tokens to/from the exchange?
Yes, you can.
Can US citizens buy tokens from you?
Yes, everyone can use our platform. However, certain projects restrict availability of their tokens for citizens of certain countries. This information will be given in detail on the purchase form for such projects
Do I have to undergo KYC/verification to use the platform?
All functions are available to registered users without undergoing KYC, but it is required if you want to withdraw exchanged tokens.
How long does the verification process take?
Up to 24 hours. You will receive a letter informing you whether or not verification was successful. However, users have access to all functions except withdrawing tokens even without verification.
When do I receive my tokens?
After the project releases them and transfers them to us/they are unfrozen. To withdraw them, you must undergo the KYC procedure.
What restrictions are there on purchases?
The projects themselves can set restrictions for citizens of certain countries
What are the restrictions on withdrawing tokens?
There is a restriction on withdrawing more than $10,000 per day from the time the tokens are available
What are the restrictions for projects?
Projects are selected by a team of analysts, and are also screened by lawyers and a specialist in smart contracts. At the moment, only utility tokens are sold on the platform. Projects must have already reached their soft cap or not have one. After completing the exchange project receive ICOS from ICOBox and must hold the funds in escrow for two months.